Skills’N’Drills was established in 1998 by Colm Whelan, a UEFA A Licensed coach, to provide quality football coaching for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years in Liverpool. Colm is an experienced coach who spent 14 years working for Everton Football Club as a Youth Academy Coach and Community Officer. Colm has also coached the England and GB Amputee Team and the England Partially Sighted Team and has developed his skill set to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities.

Skills’N’Drills run 1 hour football coaching sessions across a range of venues in South Liverpool. These fun sessions consist of drills to improve all areas of footballing skills. Ball skills are developed through activities that focus on dribbling, passing, ball control, turning, running with the ball and shooting practice. These drills also encourage the children to develop an understanding of how to apply these skills through identifying passing opportunities and anticipating other players’ movements. Every child has their own ball to practice with to ensure they are making the most of their time.

The football coaching sessions also allow every child to participate in small sided games. The children are put into groups that match their skill set and encouraged to apply what they have learned during the game. By keeping the games small-sided every child has the opportunity to participate and develop.

Alongside developing football skills, the sessions also help children to develop their listening and communication skills. They develop skills in listening to and following instructions as they learn the drills. They also understand the importance of good communication with their team mates when they are playing. This all combines to develop children’s confidence and abilities to meet and become friends with a wide range of other children.

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